Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Just like most people, with the begining of a new year, I have looked inward and tried to figure out some goals for personal improvement. I need them to help me continue on my weight loss journey. Some of the things I have come up with are:
1. Working out in the morning- Now let me say and anybody that knows me, can attest to this, I am SO NOT a morning person! I hate mornings! I struggle to get out of bed in the morning, the warm bed and soft pillow are just so amazing in the morning. But, after working out for a while now, I feel like I dread working out at night because it is just one more thing on my to-do list that makes me feel tired. I work full time, have a wonderful little boy and loving husband, all who need my time and attention. When I get home at night from work, I want to devote my time to them, and only them. By gettting up to work out in the morning, my workouts don't take time away from them and I feel like a better mom and wife. I have been doing well with this challenge, but it is still exactly that; a challenge. I feel better when I do it, but sleeping in the morning is great. My body is getting more used to waking up early and I feel so great to know that when I leave work at night I don't have to go home and work out that night. So, I am pretty sure I will stick with this.
2. I am going to be better about writing in my food journal. I use the app My Fitness Pal and it is a great way to help me stay on track and know just how much I have eaten in the day and how my nutrition is going. I am going to see if there are more apps out there that might be helpful, so if you know of any please let me know.
3. Along the same lines as with my nutrition, I am going to be better about drinking my Shakeology. I do really well drinking it during the week because it is my breakfast and I just take it in my shaker cup to work. But, weekends are a different story. I do it about half the time and I realized I started feeling yucky on the weekends and this is why. My shake is so good for me and it really does help with my weightloss. I need to drink it everyday to get the full benefits out of it.
So there you have it, my three New Years Resolutions. What are some goals you have for yourself? Loosing weight? Eating healthier? Having more energy? On my fitness journey I have now accomplished one of the first goals I set out for myself. I have lost 25 pounds and I am no longer 300+ pounds. I now am in the 200 pound range and it is only getting better from here! I am so happy and I know that I have worked so hard and made a major change in my life. Just the taste of that first victory is so sweet, nothing is going to stop me now! I want to be able to help others on their journey too so they can feel that taste of success for themselves. If you feel so inclined, please check out my website to see how I have been able to lose this weight and gain confidence. On there you will find products, especially Shakeology that can help you transform you life. If you have questions, please let me know I will be happy to answer them. Cheers to the new year and a new you!