Sunday, December 29, 2013


Well, to say I have been a blog slacker is an understatement. It all started in October when my little boy spent a week in the hospital. Then, after he got home and I started my workout routine again, I hurt my ankle. It was very painful and I wasn't able to workout for 3 weeks. I felt such guilt about not being able to workout that I didn't want to blog either. Plus, who really wants me to update them about my ankle and lack of working out. Now I am fully back on the band wagon and I have even started doing more workouts than I was previously. I am now doing a program called Les Mills Pump. It is a weight training program with cardio. Some of you know it as Bodypump, which is how it is taught in gyms. It is a great workout and I can actually see myself developing muscles and I feel so much stronger because of it. I still do cardio along with it and it is a really good balance for me. Over the last little bit, I have found that I LOVE my chocolate shakeology. I have tried every other flavor they make and none of them even come close to how I love the chocolate. I am now down 19 pounds, so close to being under 300 pounds! I will break that before I go home to South Carolina in February for my friend's wedding. I will never see it again! My pants I bought just a few months ago are starting to be saggy and I am thinking I may need to go buy a few more so I can at least look professional and presentable at work. Well, that's all for now. Just for kicks, here is a sweaty picture of me after doing one of my Pump workouts. They are killer! Until next time!

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  1. I'm glad things are back on track for you. Keep it up lady! You're awesome!