Sunday, September 8, 2013

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Well, another week in the books. I followed my workout routine and calendar. I am finally starting to crave my workouts. I never, ever in a million years thought I would say something like that. I was probably one of the most sedentary people you have ever met. Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, watching movies, talking on the phone, and my most favorite, napping. I work out at the end of the day, because it is easiest to fit it in my schedule at that time, and it doesn't interfere with my sleeping and time with my son. So, after I but my son to bed, my new routine is to go get my workout clothes on and drink a big glass of ice water and start my workout. I look forward to them, its my "me time". I feel so much less stressed and I feel like I am at least a couple inches closer to my 100 yard goal. My workouts help me achieve my overall goal of being healthy and losing weight. During this week I have lost another 1.5 pounds, which brings my total lost to 5.5 pounds. Only 124.5 pounds to go! I'll admit I was a little bummed to see that I had only lost 1.5 pounds, compared to the 4 pounds I lost the previous week. But hey, a loss is a loss. As long and I don't gain, I am doing it right and my weight is headed in the right direction. This week has had some challenges which I knew would happen when I went back to work from vacation. The number one of those being, STRESS! My job is relatively calm right now, but it can become so stressful so quick, that you never know from one minute to the next what the stress level will be. My week was pretty calm, until Friday around lunchtime. I have a boss who loves to bake and she brought in a ooey-gooey treat made from marshmallows, chocolate chips, butter, and golden graham cereal. When she first told me what it was that morning, I declined, knowing that it was something I knew I would love. But, at lunchtime, my day got hectic, and I did what I normally did, I stress ate. Not a huge piece, but it was a piece and I immediately felt guilty. How could I be so stupid and blow it! I was so mad at myself for doing it. Then I thought to myself, this isn't productive and you need to think positive. So, I made a promise that I would eat super healthy the rest of the day and work extra hard at my workout that night. I did all those things, heck I even did an extra abs workout to help counteract my yummy treat. I went to bed feeling ok about my little slip up. After I got up Saturday morning, I weighed myself, which is now my habit every morning. To my surprise, I had lost another half a pound! Oh joy! Saturday was a day I had prepared myself all week. It was my wonderful husband's birthday. I had planned some pretty awesome surprises for him, one of which included eating at a restaurant that isn't exactly healthy. All the meals are 5 courses and include dessert. I was pretty good here, I ordered chicken and for dessert I had strawberries Romanov, which is strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar. Trust me, that was the lightest of the options. As we were eating, I kept telling myself, its okay to have a treat night, as long as you've earned it by working your butt off, which I had all week. I plan on working super hard this next week and posting more weight loss. Oh, I almost forgot, my work just started a 12 week weight loss challenge on Friday. You have to pay to enter and at the end, whoever wins gets a big cash prize. I don't encourage gambling, but if I were a betting man, I would bet on me. I want that money so bad and I am going to win it! Lastly, here are 2 pictures for you this week. The first of me sweating like a pig after my workout because my coach asked us to post one on our Facebook challenge group page and the second of my handsome hubby at dinner yesterday. Until next week!

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