Sunday, September 29, 2013


Oh my goodness has this week been full of STRESS!!!!! I got in my car Monday morning to go to work and I had the feeling that this was going to be a bad Monday. I had nothing particularly stressful on my calendar, but I just had a hunch. I get to work and find out we have auditors from the state for their surprise yearly visit. We weren't expecting them until sometime in the late winter or early spring, so to say I was surprised was an understatement. This is always a stressful time at work, we always know they will come, but it is very unerrving to have them in the building looking at everything and picking apart everything you say with a fine tooth comb. Add to this stress the fact that my boss had scheduled to be out of town for the majority of the week and that my dear hubby was going to be out of town as well, and you can imagine the stress I felt. Also, add to that the fact that last time they were at my work, I personally got a deficiency from them for something I was personally responsible for. I am typically not a huge stress case, but my stress goes into another stratosphere when the auditors are here. I am sure my coworkers were about sick of me by the time it was all over. During all of this stress, I almost slipped back into my old eating habits. I did have a few moments of weakness, but overall, my eating did stay on track. I kept drining my shakeology every morning, it was something that helped ground me and remind me of my goals and normal (less stressful) life.
My workouts were also kinda hard for me this week. I STILL have this nagging cold, I don't feel bad, just my voice sounds about 2 octaves lower than normal and I have this hacking cough. When I workout, my asthma would flare up and I don't have an inhaler at the moment, so it was kinda scary. After I had 1 almost asthma attack on Tuesday night, I decided that I better skip Wednesday's workout as to prevent having to go to the hospital with no hubby at home to take me to the hospital. With these problems, it was hard to find the motivation to want to work out. I was just feeling sorry for myself and was falling into how I used to feel about myself almost all the time before I started getting healthy, like a failure. Come Friday morning, all these thoughts disappeared and I found renewed energy and motivation. Why you ask? Because I weighed in at work and I had lost 2 pounds! Plus, the auditors left work and I didn't have any deficiencies and my awesome hubby was coming home that night. I have now lost 13.5 pounds in 5 weeks, only 116.5 to go! On Saturday we went to the park. Now, the last time I went here with my son, I remember being uncomfortable standing up and helping him maneuver the playground. This time, it was easy and we had FUN! Yet again, all the reminder I needed for my journey to health. My son is why I do this. Lastly, I want to say, I love that people are noticing now that I have lost weight, not just people who know about my journey, but who don't see me often and have noticed that I have changed. It's a great feeling! Thanks again for reading, until next week!

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