Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fresh Start

Well, I did it! I survived my first week of my new lifestyle. I worked out everyday this week, except today. Sundays are now my rest day. Because they are my rest day, I think it will be easiest to update this blog every Sunday. So look for another new post next Sunday! This has been a great week for me. I was off work all week, so it was very easy to start to focus on me and my health. I started by doing my first workout on Monday morning while everybody else in my house was fast asleep. When I got done, my beautiful son was there and ran to me and gave me a big hug and said, "I love you Mommy!" If that isn't all the motivation I needed to keep going, I don't know what else is.
That night was my son's second birthday party. I had a huge cake staring me in the face.
Now before my commitment to lose weight and get healthy, I would have probably eaten 2 huge slices and licked all the icing off my plate with joy. But, I was good. I did have a small piece, but even that didn't taste great to me. I kept telling myself that I was getting healthy for my son. The rest of the week we did fun things, like go to the movie and out to eat a few times. But, I have been changing the way I look at things. I have been eating way more salads than I ever have in my life. But, ya know what? I am actually starting to like them. I am starting to realize the healthier things I put in my body, the better and more energized I feel. It's like you learn in school, everything has a cause and an effect. My body has been effected by my choosing to be unhealthy and treat it poorly. I am severely morbidly obese because I have not been active for years and have chosen to eat mostly unhealthy things. I will now share some before pictures. These are extremely embarrassing to put out there, but its like my coach said, I am saying goodbye to this body and trading it in for a new healthier one.
I am happy to report that in my first week of working out, I have lost 4 pounds. This is not much overall, but to me it is huge. I am just that much closer to my goal. I am motivated to keep going and work on taking care of myself. I know it won't be easy, but I am worth it and so is my son. Now, many people have asked me what I am doing to achieve my goals. I am doing a Beachbody challenge with a workout called Turbofire and drinking a health shake called Shakeology. I am not putting it out there to guilt trip people into buying it or to sound like a used car salesman. But, it works! I have proof in myself and others that I know. I am most likely going to become a coach and start selling their products. If you are interested in doing a challenge with me or hearing more about it, please let me know. Keep working hard and thanks for all your support. I have been tremendously overwhelmed and blessed by all the support I have gotten as I have started this new journey in my life. Thank you all so much!


  1. Good luck on your journey. We routing for ya. Hope everyone out there is doing well. Can't believe Evan is already 2! Seems like I had just met him.

  2. You go girl!! What courage it takes to post pictures of yourself......I could never do it! I am cheering for you!! You can do it!! :)